Free $20 Worth of Food no Tricks needed

Free $20 Worth of Food no Tricks needed

Yes, you heard me right, free food from munchery delivered to your house worth of $20

They have a lot of nice choices, and they change their menu daily base.

Look at today’s menu


Sounds too good to be true, i know… they are marketing this and hoping people giving a try for their food, not only just that, they also running a program to donate some of the revenue to people who is in need, so yeah… you eat healthy food, sent it to your home at time you preferred and also that money donated to other hungry people at same time, feels good right?


Just click, sign up and pick your food that easy…

What’s the Catch?

They are subscription based, so here what i want to underline for you,  on first signing up it’s clear they will tell you are going to sign up and will be paid monthly for membership deal, which i honestly find its fair, their food price is 20% lower than market, not to mention the membership reward you get from time to time, could be free dessert, or free main meal. however you are not obliged, just sign up, pick your food, later if you don’t want to continue your membership you can cancel with a SINGLE click in your dashboard.

How hard it is? Try their meal, its free worth of $20, maybe there is little fee for shipping or tip if you are generous enough but not mandatory, or you can watch your inbox if you are sign up and not decided to order soon sometime they offer a complete FREE SHIPPING but even without it their shipping fee is reasonable, and this guy very on time.

So give it a try for free, try their free meal, look at these desserts. With $20 first time sign up you can get like 3 cakes 🙂


i already ordered twice and so far pretty happy with their service, always on time, food very tasty, their packaging good so not leaking and instruction if its need to be heated very clear. And membership very flexible.

Sign up get free $20 food 


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