Soothe 5 Stars in home massage

Soothe 5 Stars in home massage

When i saw this app advertisement, pretty sceptical if this is going to be good, but then the weather is not that friendly, cold, cloudy and i am so tired after long day of working. So i gave a try. Booking is very simple and easy, the only disadvantage is the system assigned you to the therapist unless you already book her before you can easily rebook again, but they always claim they have certified therapist so i let them decide who can come over.

15 mins before the appointment, i got text message from the therapist she is already in the complex, they are very on time, and i navigate her how to get to my place. Coming with massage table, and friendly smile i am glad this is easier than i thought.

The 90 mins massage is pure bliss, it’s so convenience, wait at home, not worrying about parking, driving, set up appointment and the best part is you are paying a very FAIR money to the therapist, she mentioned about her experience working on regular spa the payment is very unfair towards the worker, whatever you pay they probably got less than 25%, i understand spa place running cost for rent, utility, advertisement, but still $25 for 1.5 hours massage is very unfair.

This is kind of extra splurge that makes me feel good physically and emotionally, she admit since switching to this online based company she can save more, time for her family, and better life, so kudos to shoote, and i am certainly going to be your loyal customer, it’s easy, simple and far more affordable than regular spa.

Get your first massage $30 OFF, any code that claim more unfortunately is scam, so support honest people only please 🙂

add RFGPV when you sign up or before booking, and enjoy the massage

Sign up here



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