Women, Get Help on your depression

Women, Get Help on your depression

Dear All Women,

I’ve been there, i am also struggling with depression, anxiety for so long, at one point I thought killing myself is better, I tried 😦

I was already on the track of train and thinking, all i can do is jump now, there will be no pain, it will be so fast, you won’t even feel a thing. I can hear the loud siren of train approached, and i took a very deep breath, this is it, it will be over now. Suddenly one man stands next to me, try to do some small talk, talking about the train is not late this time eh, I was distracted and seeing him smile and talk to me. Maybe there is a guardian angel, and he was sent that day to stop me from doing it? I don’t know but i just got a snap and telling myself, this is not a solution!

I walk in tears going back home, and tell myself, please find a way to help yourself… I did research how to get affordable therapy, i am unemployed so regular therapy is really out of question, I found an app called MAVEN CLINIC, it’s virtual appointment, you talk to the therapist through phone or laptop.


The first therapy is free, and also they always have occasional promo giving free credits so it could cut your cost down, and if you have FSA or HSA you can working out to use it.

The combination of online therapy, self-help program like exercise regularly, helps me to where I am today. Whatever your concern, don’t hesitate. Maven has many therapists who is expert in many fields, such as maternity, mental illness, relationship, career or even sex life. Whatever bothering you, just talk, and try your free appointment today.

Not to mention, they giving away a cute swag bag, pictured below for FREE to your home, so get your free first appointment, and then fill your address for the swag bag, what’s better than this?

Make sure to add code : CALLIEVIP on registration so that you get the swag bag

Try Today 

Your swag bag content

Let me know how is your experience, there is always a way, don’t give up please.


Disclaimer : by signing up using my code i will earn commission, helping you helping me 🙂


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